Thursday, October 6, 2016

Israel Fest Disrupted by SJP at University of Maryland

Hat tip Canary Mission

There are over 5,000 Jewish students at the University of Maryland. There is also a chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization that typically uses brown shirt tactics of disruption and intimidation.

In April, pro-Israel students held their annual Israel Fest to celebrate Israeli culture. Naturally, it was disrupted by SJP. It was SJP itself that produced this video, which also shows them cursing at campus police and refusing orders to move back allow the Israel event to proceed without disruption. In short, they are proud of their handiwork. The video was cross-posted by the pro-Israel site, Canary Mission, from which I am cross-posting it.

Students and others have a right to protest. They do not have a right to disrupt. Those students should have obeyed the officers' orders and argued their First Amendment rights later. Those who cursed at officers and refused orders should have been arrested. As it is, they should be suspended or expelled.

It is time universities started getting rid of these SJP chapters. In addition, their national strategy of disruption, bullying and intimidation goes way beyond this particular incident and involves behavior much worse, which is targeted at Jewish and pro-Israel students. In my view, the Department of Justice should launch an investigation into possible civil rights/RICO violations.

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