Saturday, October 22, 2016

Is There an Even Bigger Project Veritas Video Coming Out?

Hat tip Twitchy

Image result for hillary clinton talking to somebody
"Yeah, I gave the orders to shut down that Trump rally in Chicago. That guy Fovel works for me. I also personally destroyed my emails. Benghazi? I knew all along it was a bunch of terrorists. I told Obama not to send in the military. And if your pal wants that contract, tell him to kick in 10 million bucks to the Clinton Foundation plus a 6-figure speech for Bill."

(The lady on the right is an undercover operative for James O'Keefe and she's wearing a wire.)

OK, OK, but wouldn't it be great?

Maybe I am grasping at straws with less than three weeks left till election day, but here is something about those Project Veritas videos. The next release may point the finger directly at Hillary Clinton.

To be realistic, I seriously doubt that PV's undercover operatives have gotten next to Hillary and have her on tape telling them, "Yeah, Chicago was my deal. I gave the orders". Most likely they have somebody telling them Hillary is behind what they do in inciting problems at Trump rallies.

What is truly needed is something with Hillary's actual fingerprints on it either about Benghazi, the emails or disrupting Trump's rallies. It has to be something like the Nixon Oval Office tape that sunk him.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

But they couldn't shut down the Cubs!