Thursday, October 13, 2016

In Norway: Man Rapes Daughter for Being Too Westernized

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Question: What is more sexually stimulating to a man- Viagra, Cialis or his daughter becoming too Westernized?

Answer: Apparently, they don't sell the first two in Norway, so the answer must be the latter. That's what happened to a man in Norway when he decided his daughter had become too Westernized. So he (allegedly) raped her. That's when the cops came in and "detained" him.

As the linked report states, both the man and his daughter were "non-European", so I will let my intelligent readers figure it out. Actually, the original Norwegian report from Fredrikstad 24 uses the term, "non-Western", so we can eliminate Bolivians.

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"That's a relief."

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Miggie said...

That also gets the Amish off the hook. Try to figure out who it might be with, say, 99.99% probability.