Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Deconstructing" Masculinity at Duke University

Hat tip Total Conservative

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"There is a sense of passivity that must be overcome,” Duke Junior Tanner Johnson told the school’s newspaper, The Chronicle. “It’s easy to say you’re a feminist but actually embodying what that means is a different story – it’s changing how you see the world, straying away from the savior complex that you get assigned from other people and recognizing that the labor we put in really pales in comparison to the labor all the other women have put in to this movement.”

If you are a male student at Duke University, get ready for some pain. Get ready to have your manhood "deconstructed" by the women's center.

And just think: This program is nine weeks long. Hell, in 9 weeks, you could be speaking Chinese like a native with Rosetta Stone. Think of the scar tissue you will accumulate after 9 weeks of this torture.

How about a course in deconstructing feminism? How about Duke University (and all the other universities) deconstructing indoctrination and getting back to re-constructing education?

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