Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate Round Two

                                                                            "The first question is for Mrs Clinton...."

I won't waste a lot of time on last night's debate. Suffice to say that while Trump performed better, Clinton came out as expected and ran out the clock. She gave her canned answers and remained unflappable while saying nothing of substance. Imagine her standing there and saying Trump was not fit to be president because of those just-released taped comments in 2005 with her husband's female accusers sitting in the audience. It was arguably her only true statement, but it sure was hypocritical.

The moderators, especially Martha Raddatz, were one-sided, Raddatz even arguing  a point with Trump. While Trump had to answer for his taped conversation with Billy Bush, it was he who had bring up Hillary's savaging of her husband's female accusers. Nobody mentioned  or asked her to explain her Wall Street comment about Bernie Sanders' supporters being a "bucket of losers".

I should also add that Trump's body language was poor with his macho pacing around the stage while Clinton was talking.

Then there was Fox's Frank Luntz with his dopey post debate focus group wired up to EKGs or whatever he uses to measure their responses. He even went so far as to pronounce Trump back in the race. Shades of Dick Morris.

In the end, none of it makes any difference. The race is over.

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