Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clinton Campaign Emails Mock Catholics

But will it matter?

I hear a lot of talk about Islamophobia from Hillary Clinton and her surrogates in the Democrat Party. They say nothing about anti-Semitism, which is a serious problem, especially on college campuses. When it comes to Christian-bashing, that's fine and dandy. The latest batch of Wikileaks dumps reveal that the Clinton campaign has done some serious bashing against Catholics. Meet Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's campaign director of communications.

Of course, if you are a liberal, Catholic Democrat who thinks like Bernie Sanders (not a Catholic), you will just shrug your shoulders and vote for Hillary anyway, won't you? It doesn't matter what these emails show Clinton and her gang really think about you "every day" Catholics. Just like Bernie, who is learning more every day how Clinton and the DNC submarined his campaign, you will soldier on and vote for Hillary anyway, won't you?

It's what you do.

Then again, unless you follow Fox News, you might never even know about this.

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