Friday, September 2, 2016

UCLA Sides With BDS/SJP (Again)

Hat tip Algemeiner

UCLA has once again provided a shining example of why the University of California system, under the inept Janet Napolitano and her equally inept chancellors need to be held accountable for the anti-Semitism that darkens the UC campuses, thanks to groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and the various Muslim Student Association chapters in their never-ending BDS campaign against Israel. Opposing the existence of Israel is one thing. Intimidation of those who disagree is totally unacceptable. However, not withstanding the UC Regents' Statement of Principles on Tolerance (which is fast becoming just a scrap of paper), UC campuses continue to turn a blind eye to bullying and intimidation. Consider the case of Milan Chatterjee (who is not even Jewish).

My advice to Mr Chatterjee is to sue UCLA.

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Squid said...

My Grandfather, who migrated from Europe and lived in Russia, Austria, Hungary and Germany, shared stories about the anti-Semitism he, his wife and extended family experienced. Most of the anti-Semitism took place in Germany and Russia. The stories he told where not unlike the "Brown shirt" tactics found at UCLA and universities across America. Also, the "gentlemen's agreement" continues to exist in our country.
This must stop, but with Progressives, I hardly think it will happen.