Thursday, September 29, 2016

UC Irvine Celebrates E-Gaming on Campus

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"Watch out for that anteater!"

An "E-Sports arena" and scholarships. Not for A students entering from high school, not for a star athletes recruited to play basketball, but for e-gaming.
“There are some people who asked the question, ‘Why would UCI think about putting in an e-sports arena?’” Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham said. “Our job is not to follow the leader. Our job is to set the curve.
“I want everybody in the country following our lead,” he said.

So for those who ask, "What does this have to do with education?" I say: "Nothing!"

I mean, what is next? Are we going to bring in world renowned brain surgeon Dr Arnold Schwarzenegger to teach these courses? How about Professors Super Mario Brothers? (If you hire one, you have to hire the other. That's the rule.)

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