Monday, September 12, 2016

The Godmother: Part 23

"I feel great."

Somewhere outside New York City.

The Godmother was seated in a large reclining chair in her living room surrounded by aides, bodyguards, assorted sycophants, and her doctor. The doctor was checking her blood pressure.

"195 over 140", he said shaking his head. "You need to stay in bed and rest for the next few months."

"No way," answered the Godmother. "I got a meeting next week with the heads of the other New York families. If they get wind of this, I'm finished. If anybody asks, tell'em I feel great."

At this, her daughter picked up the phone and talked to someone on the other end.

"Put this out. The Godmother feels great."

"Where's that good-for-nothin husband of mine?"

" I think he's upstairs praying for your health," a bodyguard said.

"Go get his lousy ass."

The bodyguard rushed up the stairs and knocked on a bedroom door.

"The Godmother wants to see you downstairs."

"Tell her I'm coming."

Back downstairs, a little toddler walked up to the Godmother's chair.

"Grandma, do you wanna go play in the garden?'

"Yeah, sure. What the hell." She rose from her chair, took the little boy's hand and walked unsteadily to the back door.

"Wanna play and hide and seek?"

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