Thursday, September 29, 2016

The El Cajon Shooting

Hat tip Hot Air and Gateway Pundit

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Don't try this at home.

Two days ago, police in El Cajon, located near San Diego, responded to calls of a man behaving erratically behind a restaurant. When the cops arrived they encountered Alfred Olango, an Ugandan refugee, who had twice been ordered deported. Olango, who had his hands in his pockets, refused to comply with officers' commends. He then withdrew his hands and assumed a two-handed shooting position with an object in his hands which later turned out to be an e-cigarette device. He was shot and killed. There is video of the encounter and photos released clearly show him in the shooting position in front of the cops. At first glance, this appears to be a case of suicide by cop. That has not stopped the usual suspects from turning out in force to protest police shootings of "unarmed" black men,

From Al Jazeera to the radical left-wing sites, the headlines are screaming that cops have killed an "unarmed, mentally-disturbed black man" once again. The El Cajon mayor states that he is concerned about the fact that the shooting took place only one minute after cops arrived. He should be concerned that Olango took his shooting position only one minute after cops arrived. Had that device actually been a gun and the cops waited to determine 100% what it was before firing, we would have one dead cop to talk about. It may be tragic, but it is a justified shooting.

In addition, yesterday, a young man wearing a cap that identified him as a Trump supporter showed up at the protest. He was attacked by a mob and beaten.

Are we starting to notice a trend here? With rare exceptions, the shootings are justified. Those that are not are dealt with by our justice system (N. Charleston, Tulsa). Yet the protests and the riots accompany every shooting now.

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