Monday, September 5, 2016

That Interview of Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills' Conflict of Interest

Hat tip National Review and Squid

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"You don't have to answer that. It will incriminate both of us."

If you needed any further proof that the FBI stood down in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, this latest revelation is all you need. Cheryl Mills, the attorney who defended then-President Bill Clinton in his impeachment hearings, who worked for Hillary in the State Department, and was up to her eyeballs in the email scandal, was actually permitted to be present with Hillary's team of lawyers during her interview with the FBI.

One doesn't need a law degree to know that this was a clear conflict of interest on Mill's part. Both she and Huma Abedin, as well as a couple of other State Department officials, were also being investigated by the FBI for their role in the email mess. The FBI should have instantly objected to Mills being present during the interview.

For too ,long I believed the good things I was hearing about the honesty and integrity of FBI Director James Comey. No more. It is clear that the fix was in at the highest levels. I still believe that the actual investigators tried to to do the right thing. They accumulated enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton. Whoever made the decision to allow Mills to be present should be fired. In addition, Comey should resign, and I only say resign because I know nobody in this administration will fire him.


Squid said...

When I heard that Bill met Loretta in her plane, sitting on the tarmac, at a obscure section of an airport, I knew that the fix was in. One would have to be terminally naive to think they only talked about grandkids. You do not have a meeting like this, which is played as coincidence, to talk about grandkids. In my opinion, a deal was made, and Loretta would state that she would except the FBI investigation conclusion, knowing that Comey would sell out, with no indictment. The FBI played into the Clinton Mafia and soft balled the interview and allowed the unspeakable to occur, have Mills by her side to couch her on every damning question. Also, the FBI made it easy by not having an audio tape or video of the sham questioning.
I too have no regard for Mr. Comey and those FBI agents who allowed this travesty to occur.


Miggie said...

Further support for the notion that the fix was in on this case is that AG Lynch also dismissed charges all her aides at the same time she dismissed charges against Clinton.

Why? They could be guilty even if HRC did not (yeah, right) have guilty intent. But this was an opportunity

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sour grapes.