Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Swedish Cops Saying, "Enough"

Hat tip Jihad Watch

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"Where's our jobs?"

Not even Ingmar Bergman could dream up a movie as depressing as what is happening in Sweden these days. Swedish cops are resigning and more will follow suit. Even Kurt Wallender* has turned in his badge. To show just how much this country under its current government has taken leave of its senses, they are even prioritizing the retraining of returning ISIS fighters (instead of arresting them or keeping them out).

I guess the only thing that will save Sweden would be Jimmie Åkesson and his Sweden Democrats. Any sensible country would have voted them in long ago, but-this is Sweden-already the rape capital of Europe thanks to its exploding Muslim population.

I think they call it the Stockholm Syndrome. Now I get it.

*Kurt Wallender is the central detective figure in the murder mysteries of Henning Maenkel, famed novelist who recently died. It has been made into several TV series, the best starring Krister Henricksson, who stars as chief detective of the Ystad police in Southern Sweden.

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