Monday, September 26, 2016

Miko Peled Gets Disavowed by Jewish Voice for Peace

Hat tip College Insurrection

How bad is it when Jewish Voice for Peace disavows you from the anti-Israel movement? Say hello to Miko Peled, a man who disavowed his country (Israel). Even JVP has decided that this jerk is too much to stomach.

Of course, Miko Peled has darkened the campus of UC Irvine. Back in May 2013, this hot-tempered boob tried (unsucessfully) to get me stopped from videotaping his dog and pony show against Israel.

Running out of friends, Miko?

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jjs110 said...

Here is a good example of Schadenfreude? Nothing like anti-Israel lefties tearing each other part. :) Enjoy.