Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is There Censorship at Boulder Jewish News?

Apparently so. This week I read the below-linked article in the Boulder Jewish News regarding an interview with an Islamic Studies professor named Aun Hasan Ali at Colorado University.

As you will note, there is a space for reader comments. As of today, it says there are no comments as yet. Well, that's not entirely accurate. Yesterday, I sent in a comment to the effect that under hudud sharia, ("Crimes Against God"), homosexual acts, adultery, blasphemy and apostasy are all punished by death.

As of this writing, my comment has not been posted. I guess the BJN doesn't want any bad news spoiling their kumbaya story.

*Update (October 4) They posted it.


Miggie said...

They didn't expect to hear from someone who knew what they were talking about. One time I corrected a speaker at UCI who told the students that some roads in Israel shad signs posted that said "Jews Only". In fact, they say "Israeli Citizens Only" so they include Arab Israeli citizens. They are some roads around the borders and have nothing to do wth religion. It is more of this shameless lying, if it helps their cause, they say it. They ignored your comment because it wasn't helpful to their message.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

At last, a reason for Gary Fouse to visit Milwaukee:

Next best thing to flying over to Munich.

Gary Fouse said...

Do you still have all those German restaurants? Or have all the Germans left?