Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Incivility vs Intolerance

My friend and colleague, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, has written an op-ed for Newsweek in which she describes the difference between incivility and intolerance pertaining to the anti-Semitic outbreaks occurring on our college campuses as part of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

In this article, she refers to problems going on at UC Irvine, where I have taught part-time since 1998. She also links an op-ed in the student newspaper, New University, that criticized UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman for his statements on civility regarding the May 18 disruption of a Jewish event on campus. That prompted a rather long reader thread in which I submitted several comments.

If you read Tammi's op-ed and the op-ed written by that third year student at UCI along with the defense of the latter by a UCI professor, you begin to understand the marriage between the radical left and the pro-Palestinian movement in academia.

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