Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary's Latest Lie: "I Feel Great"

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Another Day, another lie out of Hillary Clinton's mouth. Less than two hours after nearly collapsing in New York City, Clinton walked out of her daughter's apartment and pronounced to reporters that she felt great.

Her campaign told us that it was the heat even though NYC's heat wave had broken and the day was in the low 70s, perfect weather.

Now we know that it is pneumonia (which had been diagnosed Friday.)

When you have pneumonia and nearly collapse while getting into your limousine (which was only prevented by handlers who were literally holding her up), not even the mainstream news media can sweep it under the rug.

Mrs Clinton is not well. In addition, she is exhausted, worn out from the rigors of campaigning. This is not a private matter since she is running for president. The public has every right to know the true state of her health before November 8.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

One of the best outcomes for this election is for the Democratic ticket to win by a small margin, and then for Hillary to drop dead the day after the electoral college meets.