Friday, September 23, 2016

Erwin Chemerinksy and the Great Tampon Tax


Erwin Chemerinsky
"An unconstitutional denial of equal protection...."

Beam me  up, Scottie! Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the UC Irvine law school and considered (at least by liberals) to be one of the great constitutional experts in the land, has found a tax he doesn't like. That would be the California state sales tax on tampons.

Yes, Dear Reader, Chemo is taking exception on a veto by our governor, Run Down Jerry Brown, on a bill that would have eliminated sales tax ( the Maxi-Taxi) on tampons. Apparently, Chemo thinks that having a  sales tax on tampons is unconstitutional. I kid you not. Read this op-ed by Chemerinsky in yesterday's local fish wrap, the Orange County Register.

Could it be that Chemo is throwing his hat in the ring for a Supreme Court slot if Hillary Clinton wins the election?

At any rate, Chemo's op-eds, which appear every Thursday in the OC Register, are almost invariably laffers. This one, however, takes the cake.

As for the OC Register, throw away the fish, Freddie. We have found a new use for the Register.

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Squid said...

I use the OC Register for bird cage lining. It works great and my parrot seems to like craping on this paper. The OC Register appears to be good for something. Also, I have noticed that the bird likes to crap on the NYT and WaPo sections the most.