Thursday, September 22, 2016


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Here we go again.

As I watched the events unfolding in Charlotte, NC last night, certain aspects of the shooting of a black man by police kept ringing in my ear. The dead man, Keith Scott, was black, but so was the officer that shot him. So is the chief of police who is standing behind his officers.

The police version is that Scott was holding a  gun when confronted by cops and that he refused to drop it. The family of the dead man maintains that he was holding a book rather than a gun. No book was recovered at the scene, but a gun was at the side of Mr Scott on the street.

Yet, none of this stopped a mob from attacking police, businesses, reporters and blocking Highway 85 last night. In addition, one additional person was shot-and not by police.

Last night a Charlotte news outlet reported after viewing a dash cam video of the incident that Scott was holding a gun and advancing towards the officers when shot.

Last night, Rudy Giuliani asked, "Where is our president?" A good question. If there was ever a time for Barack Obama to take to the air and tell people to go home, this was it. So much for the myth that this would be a "trans-racial president who would bring us together". We can pretty much put that one to bed.

Hillary Clinton was hardly missing in action, however. Here is what she had to say about the shootings in Charlotte (and Tulsa):

"We have two more names to add to a  list of African Americans killed by police officers in these encounters,” she said Wednesday at the start of a speech in Orlando, Fla. “It’s unbearable. And it needs to become intolerable.”

Had she limited her statement to the Tulsa shooting, which seems much more questionable, I would be more comfortable, but it looks like her pronouncement on Charlotte was premature and will come back to haunt her. I have a feeling that North Carolina is slipping away from her. Hillary Clinton stands solidly behind the Black Lives Matter movement and not the police.

One thing is clear: We have to stop with these false narratives when it comes to police shootings of black men. We need to wait until all the facts are in. We have a justice system that can deal with the unjustified shootings, but as it appears now, it is impossible to justify what is now occurring in Charlotte.

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