Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charlotte (Cont.)

Why is it that when a black cop (whose chief is black) shoots a black suspect who was brandishing a gun, white people are blamed and targeted for attack? This is what seems to be unfolding in Charlotte, a city that seems to have lost its senses.

Rioting, looting, journalists being beaten, vandalism, rocks thrown at police and one person shot (not by cops), and today we hear about how brutal the cops were last night from the usual "community leaders". And God save us from these faith leaders. Today on CNN, I was watching a female pastor from Charlotte named Robin Noelle Tanner talk about how she and her pals were peacefully protesting and were met with police abusing them with billy clubs. Really? I guess I was watching the wrong channel last night. (I watched Fox, CNN and MSNBC, comparing and contrasting the coverage-mostly contrasting.)

At this juncture, this appears to be a justifiable shooting though more facts could come out, and I will reserve final judgment. I wish everyone would do the same-and stop looking for white people to blame. We are not the enemy of black people.

 As I write, I note that the female cop who shot and killed a black man in Tulsa has been charged in his death. On the surface, that appears to be a more questionable shooting.

Meanwhile, I wonder how many young black men will be gunned down in Chicago this weekend by other young black men. Nobody is rioting over that. It seems those particular Black Lives don't Matter because they don't fit into the narrative.

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