Saturday, August 13, 2016

University of Houston Re-Education Camp

Hat tip The Campus Fix

"All Lives Matter"

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It seems the People's Liberation Front is alive and well at the University of Houston, where a student vice president has been sentenced to sensitivity training for uttering the words, "All lives matter" on a tweet.

One can only guess at the training this student will be subjected to. Perhaps, it will consist of a member of the Black Student Union screaming, "Do you believe that black lives matter?" into her face until she confesses, "Yes, Comrade. Black lives matter." Then, and only then, will she be allowed to return to her position as student vice president-under probation, of course.

I suggest that it is the student body president who is in need of training-in the First Amendment.


Squid said...

This student forced into the Ludovico technique for expressing his fight to his opinion, should refuse and state that he had an opinion and has a right to it. He should sue the University for violating First Amendment rights and collect huge sums of money from. that University.


Gary Fouse said...

Brilliant idea.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yup. The VP should refuse cooperation with the "sensitivity training" and then sue the illegitimi.