Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time to Put a Stop to the Assault on Our Police

This article first appeared on Eagle Rising.

I was gratified to hear Donald Trump's recent speech on bringing safety to America. It was good that he also stressed that the people who need safety most are those African-Americans trapped in the inner cities of places like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and other failed municipalities controlled by decades by Democrats. It is they who literally have to fear stepping off their front porches. It is they who most need police protection.

That is just one reason why we as a nation need to stand up and support our police, who are under assault, both from criminals who now want to kill them and from certain "respectable" segments of the public. This past year or so, we have seen our police become the victims not just of being killed in the line of duty but the victims of outright assassinations. This is largely the result of Black Lives Matter. It is they who have inspired this wave of deadly violence, from New York City to Dallas to Baton Rouge and on and on. In New York  City, we have witnessed these know-nothings parade through the streets chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now". In St Paul, Minnesota, they chanted, "Pigs in a blanket. Fry'em like bacon." Is it any surprise that certain sociopaths have answered the call?

And it is not just BLM. It is many of our so-called leaders. I can begin with the country's biggest race baiter, Al Sharpton. I can include liberal politicians like NYC mayor Bill De Blasio, who has kicked his own cops under the bus. I can end with our own president, who while trying to pretend he is walking a middle line, has encouraged BLM and their supporters. He has actually invited BLM to the White House. Even at the memorial honoring the Dallas police officers who were assassinated, he spoke about the talking points of BLM and invoked the names of the black men who had been recently killed by police in controversial incidents. It was neither the time nor place, but he profaned the occasion anyway.

The truth is that Barack Obama is not a supporter of the police. After Ferguson, he ordered the Justice Department to stop furnishing state and local police with military type weaponry and resources. Never mind that in this climate and combined with the threat of Islamic terrorism, they need them more than ever.

Nor is Hillary Clinton a supporter of the police. Ask any Secret Service agent who has had the intolerable duty of protecting her over the past two or three decades. She is also a supporter of BLM and incorporates, "black lives matter" into many of her speeches. If she is elected, do not expect any improvement.

So it is up to We the People to stand up and support our police. Of course, that will require electing politicians who support law enforcement. But we also need to speak out and tell the Black Lives Matter crowd that All Lives Matter-period and end of discussion. That message has to extend to our pathetic universities, where the police are damned at every step. Even campus police are called irresponsible names by the know-nothing students and their know-nothing faculty indoctrinators.

Ultimately, however, BLM has to be rejected by the black community in general. Imagine their predicament if they wind up with less police presence in their troubled neighborhoods. Already, we see a reluctance of the police to be proactive in encounters with black suspects in the inner city precincts. They fear being prosecuted if things get out of hand.  Their supervisors fear being held accountable when somebody comes along and says that blacks are being stopped, frisked, questioned, and arrested at higher rates than whites. Can anyone blame them for their worries? As a result of the cops drawing back, the killings increase.  Chicago and Baltimore are two prime examples. Who are the winners? The criminals. Who are the losers? The law-abiding people in the inner cities, parents, grandparents, older people and children caught in the cross-fire.

We know that the vast majority of Americans support the police. However, if we remain silent, we allow the anti-police leftists including the media to control the discourse. We need to speak out loudly. We also need to pay attention to whom we are voting into office. It is they who will make the changes for better or worse.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

We should not unilaterally "support the police," nor should we pretend we could do better without any police force. Unfortunately, there are some officers who act like dark blue is the color of the meanest, toughest, best-armed, gang on the street, and they can shove people around, invade their homes without warrant, even shoot them to death, for any reason or no reason. Then, there are people who are endangering the lives of everyone around them, who if they refuse orders to drop the gun and freeze, are legitimate targets for police to shoot.

We can't deal with just one side of this reality. We have to deal with all of it.