Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Phony Clinton Foundation Pledge

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"But if I'm not elected........."

It has been announced that should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, her much maligned Clinton Foundation will no longer accept donations from foreign sources. Given the fact that those sources include countries like Saudi Arabia and others who trample all over human rights, that seems like a noble gesture. But then again you ask, "Why not stop now?" Or you might ask, "Why were they doing it in the first place?" Or you might ask, "What does her election have to do with it?"

I am reminded of former Texas senator, John Tower. In 1989, the Republican was nominated by George HW Bush to be secretary of defense. Tower, a man who had made his share of enemies in politics, was rejected by the Senate. The stated reason for their opposition was that Tower had a reputation for excessive drinking. At one point, Tower made a public pronouncement that, if confirmed, he would give up alcohol. He was rejected anyway, and as far as I know, he continued to drink. In 1991, Tower died in a plane cash at Brunswick, Georgia. (No, he was not the pilot.)

I presume that if Hillary loses the election, her foundation will continue to rake in the bucks from the Saudis and all the other unseemly persons, corporations, and countries that buy influence by giving. After all, what else will be left for her, Bill and Chelsea to do but continue with the lucrative money laundering operation which along with outrageous speaking fees, has made them very wealthy people? Naturally, those donations and speaking fees will decrease should she not gain the White House.

Who knows? Maybe they will become "dead broke" again.

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Miggie said...

Who in the world would believe ANYTHING she says, much less a promise to kill the golden goose? This is one more promise that would be delayed, obfuscated, forgotten, and then denied altogether, if, God forbid, she did get elected.