Saturday, August 6, 2016

Muslim Attacks Belgian Cops With Machete

© MaximeTredan / Twitter

-Le Soir (BE)

You'll never guess what happened in Belgium today. If you guessed that a Muslim guy attacked and wounded two female cops with a machete yelling "Allahu Akhbar", you would be correct.

Here is a report from Le Soir (BE) in French. It confirms the attacker (no doubt a man suffering from severe mental illness) is dead. It states that the lone attacker showed up at a security check point at a police hotel in Chaleroi. He pulled a machete from a bag and struck one cop in the face, wounded another and was shot by a third.

I am gratified that Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel "strongly condemned" the attack. What he did not say was that Belgium was going to stop admitting Muslims into the country or round up and deport those (non-citizens) already there.

Thus, we can fully expect that he will be quite busy in the months ahead strongly condemning future attacks.

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