Monday, August 1, 2016

Immigration, Migration or Invasion?

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

The heading reads: Arrests of Islamists for Terrorism 2015

The Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmo has posted a video called, Europe's Islamization in Ten Minutes. It shows the horrors of the Muslim invasion that has overtaken Europe and the fiery words of imams in the Middle East who are rightfully calling it the conquest of Europe. The scenes shown have already been shown publicly over the past few years.

Keep in mind that our current administration has already brought in over 6,000 so-called Syrian refugees to the US in the past few months-of the total of 10,000 Obama wants to admit. All but a handful are Muslims as opposed to the truly persecuted Christians and Yazidis. Hillary Clinton wants to increase that number to 65,000.

What is happening in Europe must never be allowed to happen here. It is not about hate. It is a simple matter of protecting innocent American lives.

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