Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hillary's Emails: There's More

Hat tip Breitbart, Epoch Times  and Squid

The revelations just keep pouring in. Remember that Nigerian-Lebanese businessman whom the Clinton Foundation was trying (through Hillary's State Department, of course) to arrange a meeting with the US ambassador to Lebanon?


Gilbert Chagoury is the man's name. He is a very wealthy businessman with dual Lebanese-Nigerian nationality. He has reportedly donated over a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He has been convicted of money laundering in Switzerland. In addition, he was denied entry to the US because of his alleged toies (which he denies) to the terrorist group, Hizbollah.

Hillary Clinton, using her corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, sold the State Department out to donors. She sold out  our very foreign policy. If this foundation is not under federal investigation as we speak, then the corruption in our government has reached an all-time high (which I suspect it has anyway).


Siarlys Jenkins said...

As Bernie Sanders said so forthrightly, "Hillary, the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your emails."

She's still unqualified to be president, but that is hardly the reason why.

Squid said...

Hillary's money means more than the security of the United States. She is a security risk as revealed by FBI's Comey in his statement that she was "careless" with handling confidential and secret documents in her private email system based in her home. She got a "security briefing last week, which makes me question the whole Government system, which is corrupt.
I cannot image how dangerous Hillary will be for this country. Frankly, I am deeply concerned for our welfare,


Siarlys Jenkins said...

If Donald Trump can get a security briefing, surely Hillary can. Its sad we're going to get one of them as president, but the process is what it is, for now.