Friday, August 19, 2016

College Republican Head at UCI Comments on the Ridiculous "Punishment" Handed Out to SJP

Hat tip Breitbart

Now that UC Irvine has meted out a slap on the wrist "punishment" to Students for Justice in Palestine for their May 18 disruption of a Jewish campus event (which is becoming a habit), the head of the College Republicans at UCI, Ariana Rowlands, who witnessed the incident, has given her take to Breitbart. I am in complete agreement with her.

As a part-time teacher at UCI since 1998, I have seen this coddling of pro-Palestinian troublemakers for years. This was quite predictable.
Instead of hosting an "educational event" (which would probably have as speaker someone like Amir Abdel Malik Ali or Rabab Abdulhadi) SJP should be required to attend a class on free speech, civility and anti-Semitism.
It would also nice to know why so-called "legal observers" from the National Lawyers Guild attached to the UCI law school participated in the disruption and why the Cross Cultural Center was (as usual) used as the staging center for the disruptors.
If this is representative of Chancellor Howard Gillman's recently announced initiative to apply the principles on tolerance as passed by the UC Regents, there is little hope for this institution in terms of combating anti-Semitism.

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