Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Olympic Embarrassment in Rio

Hat tip and Vision to America News

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In  the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, American track stars John Carlos and Tommie Smith caused a furor  when they stood on the  winners stand and raised their fists in a black power salute during the playing of our National Anthem. They were quickly yanked from the team and banned from the Olympic Village. Over the years, they were vindicated as America recognized its injustices toward blacks. Both went on to quietly become respected coaches.

Now comes another American Olympian, a female fencing star who is using the Olympics to make critical comments about "Islamophobia" in her country and who has posed in a very controversial picture given the reality of  what Islamic terrorists are doing with swords (not fencing).

I think Muhammad's gesture is very offensive to anyone whose family members have been put to the sword because of their religion not being Muslim. While the passage of time has given perspective to what Carlos and Smith did in 1968 (which by today's standards is quite tame), I don't see this photograph being excused now or ever. It was wrong, and this young girl should apologize. She has sent the wrong message especially if she is so concerned about the image of Muslims in the US. This does not help.

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