Friday, July 22, 2016

The Trump Speech

I made it a point to watch Donald Trump's acceptance speech last night. First, I watched Ivanka Trump's speech introducing her father. She was magnificent.

Trump's supporters wanted red meat, and he gave it to  them. It was vintage Trump and the best speech he has given thus far. However, I was not too comfortable with his repeated statements that he was the "law and order candidate". Not that I have anything against law and order, mind you, but let's be honest. To many African-Americans, that has a sinister ring to it. I would say, however, that black folks living in the inner cities of South Chicago, LA, Detroit, Baltimore et al, should want law and order too. They are the ones least safe.

Most of the crowd was loudly enthusiastic though a few were apparently sitting on their hands. The Republicans need to recognize that they now only have two choices for president-Trump or Hillary Clinton. As for me, Trump was not my first choice by a mile, but he has won this nomination fair and square. I have a lot of reservations about him. Conservative commentator Michael Medved, whom I greatly respect, said this week that while he knows Hillary would be terrible for the country, Trump could be catastrophic. I agree, but I am hoping he will surround himself with sound, conservative people with solid foreign policy experience.

On that basis, I have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump.

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