Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Trump Jewish Star Flap

Image result for trump ad with jewish star

As one who writes often about anti-Semitism, I have taken note of the flap recently over the 6-pointed star which appears on a Trump ad blasting Hillary Clinton.

I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. First of all I have never seen a red Star of David. Had the star on the ad been white with a blue rim, it would be a whole different story, but a red star? Gimme a break!

Secondly, every time in my life that I have drawn a star for whatever reason,  I have found it much easier to create a 6-pointed star  than a 5-pointed one. Try it sometime. With the 6-pointed star, you just draw a triangle and add an upside triangle over it. Very easy.

So much for that.


Anonymous said...

I have read several of your posts on the Clintons, and I can't understand your criticism. Please read this article from the LA Times:

Come on, Herr Fouse, this is a simple poor boy from Arkansas just trying to make a buck. I kid, of course. All joking aside, these are the people we elect to run the country? Did they skip the State Dept. mandated online ethics training that everyone else in the USA (including UC) has to complete? Ethics? Very much a foreign word for the Clintons. God help us.

Gary Fouse said...


Thanks for the link and I will post it.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are a couple of grifters. Their corruption knows no bounds. We have seen 8 years of Bill and Hillary in the WHite House and 4 years of Hillary as secstate-not to mention the obscene speaking fees these two have commanded. Legal of course, but any college that pays these sums to the Clintons should hang their heads in shame before their students. Individuals, governments and businesses that have paid these sums have expected and gotten something in return. Shame on us if we return these two to the WH.