Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Somalis Next Door

Hat tip WND

I heard about this today while listening to an interview of Michele Bachmann on Sean Hannity's radio show. It is shocking and sickening, but it falls right into line with everything I have been saying about so many of the Somali immigrants for years. Now we have armies of them invading Minneapolis neighborhoods and threatening residents while police turn a blind eye. In the incident below, it took the police over an hour to respond to repeated 911 calls and no arrests were made.!

I don't care how anybody reading this reacts. I just want to scream, "Get them out of our country!" I guess from reading the article most if not all of these delinquents are American citizens thanks to our government policy of bringing over 100,,000 Somalis to this country for whatever reason I can't explain. 

No doubt some are good citizens (Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of my personal heroes, but she is in a  different category.) But this insane government policy of flooding the country with Muslims just because their own countries are dysfunctional is insane. Too many Somali men have either  gone to join Al Shabaab or ISIS or have been arrested trying. Just this week, three more pleaded guilty to trying to join ISIS, and according to Bachman, the judge hearing the case is considering whether to sentence them to some kind of therapy!

I'll tell you something else that bugs me about this incident. Where the Hell were the men? I'd like to see them try this in Bullsnuts, Texas.

But alas, get ready for even more under President Hillary Clinton.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The Somali family down the street from me has well-behaved children who are doing well in school. I met them when I stopped to help one of the younger sons fix his bicycle in the park on my way to the post office.

If you don't know what the rationale for government policy importing Somalis was, you should look it up. The thread runs through the Bush, Clinton, and Bush administrations, and was pretty much a done deal before Barack Obama took the oath of office. There was a distinct ethnic minority whose ancestors had been kidnapped farther south and sold into slavery in what is now Somalia. They remained despised by the longer-term ethnics and tribes in the area, albeit they were all Muslims, and someone in the State Department decided the only solution was to airlift them all to the United States, sort of like Israel airlifting all the Falasha from Ethiopia.

I agree, it was rather misguided from the beginning. It ranks right up there with, our soldiers will be greeted as liberators by rapturous Iraqis who will then elect new leaders who look to Milton Friedman for economic policy and everyone in Iraq will make so much money that the warlike Arabic nations around them will collapse in jealousy.

I expect the Somali experience in the US was somewhat like the Karen (from southern Burma)... dumped into some of the worst slum housing available, unable to speak the language, offered low-wage jobs hundreds of miles away in non-union meatpacking plants... it would make anyone bitter. Don't invite people into your house unless you are ready to really welcome them into the family... and the State Dept. clearly did not have that commitment, only a nebulous notion that Americans and local institutions would somehow pick up the slack.