Friday, July 15, 2016

The Coup in Turkey

At this point, it is unclear whether the military coup in Turkey has succeeded or failed. Having been to Turkey twice, I hope the casualty county  will be low. However, I am hoping that this coup succeeds. Turkey, under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has descended into an unreliable ally-no matter how close he may be to our misguided president. Erdogan is an Islamist who has badly damaged relations with Israel essentially because he is an anti-Semite. He is also a tyrant, who has badly damaged Turkey's democracy.

I may be going against the position of my government, but I hope that Erdogan will be removed from power.

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Miggie said...

Obama ALWAYS chooses to go with what is good for the Muslim terrorists and not what is good for America. This is the same as the Irainian uprising s few years ago. He sided with the Iranian government instead of the democratic rebels. Now they are the most entrenched terrorist government in the world.

Every day it becomes more obvious that Obama's loyalty to Islam exceeds his loyalty to America. It is nuts to believe that the President is disloyal to America but facts are facts. There are just too many of them to deny it or explain them away.