Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh No! Another Hillary Scandal??

Yes, it's true. Hillary Clinton, the woman who promises ti crack down on Wall Street, who got $250,000 for making speeches to Wall Street firms, whose son is a hedge fund manager.....

Are you with me here?

When Hillary was secretary of state, she reportedly used her position to get secret info about the Greece bailout mess while her son-in-law was trying to make big bucks-or drachmas, if you will in that country.

Where does it stop? Can you imagine the corruption of a second Clinton administration? If she survives the current FBI investigation(s), she will assume she is immune from any prosecution and can do whatever she wants.

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Squid said...

Does the SEC have laws about secret information that gives one a leg up on investments? I thought that Martha went to jail for 6 months by getting inside information. Oh, I forgot, Hillary is a part of the Washington elite.