Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Newt Is Nailing it in Cleveland.

As I write, Newt Gingrich is midway through his speech at the Republican convention. He is giving the best speech of all. His main theme is radical Islam.

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Squid said...

I agree that Newt hit a home run at the RNC convention. He hit each point on Radical Islam and the lack of ability of Obama and Hillary to handle the Islamist issue. But, the Assoiated Press, whom I call the Aministration's Press, stated that the RNC convention was not accurate in portraying Hillary as someone who does not care about the men who died in Benghazi. This us the problem. The lame stream media will twist the truth to serve up excrement to the great unknowing. What part of over two hundred requests for more Benghazi security and no go message to release Hell on the Benghazi terrorists and calling the attack a reaction to a video and lying to the parents and the Americans and the world does the AP not understand. Or, are they liers as well.