Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Megyn Kelly Goes Up Against Malik Shabazz in Cleveland

Who in the Hell let Malik Shabazz into the convention  center in Cleveland? Maybe he hid in the rafters after the last Cavaliers' playoff game. At any rate, he was interviewed by Fox's Megyn Kelly. You can see the video here.

I have been following this guy's career ever since he was a hate-filled law student at Howard University. Make no mistake: He is a man who advocates violence and has a deep hatred for white people. You have to admit he doesn't sound much like a lawyer. That's why he did so poorly against a real lawyer named Megyn Kelly.

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Squid said...

Shabazz will probably get a job as a professor at the University of Wisconsin, with his hate for white folks. I thought Kelly was a bit too soft on Shabazz. She could have done more to challenge him and make him out as the hater he us.