Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jewish Voice for Peace: One Despicable and Misnamed Organization

Hat tip The Israel Group

Jewish Voice for Peace has the most misleading name since the Utah Jazz. They are not for peace. They are for the total destruction of Israel. JVP completely sides with the pro-Palestinian forces on every issue when it comes to Israel. What's more, they are an anarchistic group that does not believe in the free speech rights of their opponents as evidenced by their own words in 2011 at UC Irvine in my presence and their actions. Not only did they disrupt a speech given by Benjamin Netanyahu in New Orleans a few years ago, they most recently were involved in the May 18 disruption of a Jewish student event at UC Irvine.

Jack Saltzberg the founder of the Israel group has written a piece on JVP that I have chosen to cross-post.

This is a truly despicable organization made up of leftist radicals who have aligned themselves with the very forces that wish to kill every last Jew in Israel. They and the brown-shirt Students for Justice in Palestine are truly a marriage made in hell.

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