Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is UC Irvine Dragging Out the Disruption Investigation?

Hat tip Algemeiner

As previously reported, on May 18 Students Supporting Israel at UC Irvine held a screen showing of the film, "Beneath the Helmet" about the Israeli Defense Forces. The event was loudly and violently disrupted by various students led by Students for Justice in Israel and other student groups. Campus police had to be called to restore order and protect the Jewish students.

Now some suspect that UCI is dragging out the investigation into the incident and that no punitive action will be taken.

I have added my comment to the above reader thread.

While we will never know what action is taken against individual students unless they themselves divulge it (due to privacy laws), it is high time for Students for Justice in Palestine to be kicked off of campus. That can be made known to the public.

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