Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Geraldo Rivera in the City of Brotherly Love

Hat tip Andrew Desiderio and Daily Beast

Poor Geraldo Rivera was chatting with some guy about the Israeli-Palestinian issue when some other guy poured water on his head.  Geraldo, who knows how to defend himself, tried to go after the culprit who ran off. As he was leaving the scene, Geraldo was pursued by some obnoxious Arab woman waving a Palestinian keffiya in his face and chanting, "Free free Palestine".

For the sake of you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, the keffiya I refer to is a Palestinian scarf that has all black and white doo-dads on it. (Hat tip David Horowitz.)

And Palestine? That is some mythical, fairy tale land that has never existed as a nation in the entire history of the world. Their flags have been much in evidence inside the convention hall-unlike the American flag which is nowhere to be found.

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Squid said...

Not to forget the burning of an Israeli flag outside the DNC convention hall on day two.