Sunday, July 3, 2016

Federal Govt. Funding "Unconscious Bias" Training at University of Wisconsin

Hat tip Campus Reform

Image result for lab experiment on man's brain with electrodes
"Aha! We have found an unconscious bias."

The National Institutes of Health are giving two grants to the University of Wisconsin (Madison) to conduct training to identify "unconscious biases" in their instructors.

This is part of the new wave in discrimination. You see, according to the government (at least those currently in government) and our universities, it is not enough simply to not discriminate and to try to be fair to all.  That is because white instructors, like all white people everywhere, are racist to the bone. Most simply do not realize they are racist to the bone. It's in their genes, you know.

So now UWM has over $700,000 of tax-payer money to identify the unconscious biases of (white) instructors. This looks like one of those "re-education camps" we used to see in places like Vietnam, China, Laos, and other places where the Communists took over.

One can only wonder what this training will look like. Will we see broken professors break down and sign confessions that they are really racists though they never knew it before? Will we see "disgraced" professors forced to resign? How will the testing be done-by questionnaires, role-playing, hypnosis, or the administration of truth serum, perhaps?

Insanity reigns supreme on our university campuses.

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