Thursday, July 21, 2016

Erwin Chemerinsky's "Rule of Law"

"I worry that his  her meanness and nastiness is changing the very nature of acceptable discourse."

Just one week after his op-ed defending Hillary Clinton's non-indictment, UCI Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky takes Donald Trump to task over the issue of the rule of law. Here is today's Orange County Register edition of "Erwin's Law".

I suppose Chemo prefers Hillary's "rule of law", which involves perjury, destruction of evidence, mishandling of classified documents, and bribery through her corrupt Clinton Foundation. Don't expect a Chemerinsky op-ed on that anytime soon.

It should also be noted that when Students for Justice in Palestine and other brown shirts disrupted a Jewish film event at UCI on May 18, they were accompanied by so-called "legal observers" from the National Lawyers Guild (founded in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA) affiliated with Chemo's UCI Law School. These legal observers were demanding that the mob be admitted into the room even as they were trying to crash through the doors. Has anyone held Chemo accountable for the actions of his "legal observers"? Hardly.

I am no big booster of Donald Trump. He was far from my choice to win the Republican nomination. Some of the statements quoted by Chemo are, indeed, worthy of criticism. Yet, I find it curious that Chemo would attack Trump for his questionable statements while ignoring the decades of out and out corruption of Hillary Clinton.


Squid said...

By the way, "Chemo" also called Trump and anti-Semite in this purely researched screed. Chemerinsky should know that Donald's daughter Ivanka, converted to judaism by the teachings of an orthodox Rabbi. She married a Jewish man and is raising three Jewish children. Ivanka truly loves her Father, as he loves her. These facts punch a hole in Chemerinsky's argument, the size of the Grand Canyon. As you have said earlier, Gary, Chemerinsky is an embarrassment to UCI.


Gary Fouse said...

Sometimes, Squid, this job is too easy.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Trump is neither an anti-Semite nor a racist. Trump is a misanthrope. God save us all.