Saturday, July 23, 2016

Case Western University Offers "Safe Space" for Threatened Students During Republican Convention

Hat tip College Insurrection

Image result for germans in bomb shelters
Case Western University 2016? Not quite. Berliners in safe space 1945

For the benefit of all you UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) Community Studies majors, Case Western University is located in Cleveland, where the Republicans held their convention this week. In reaction to the arrival of the dreaded Huns in the Garden City, Case Western actually offered their students a safe space in which to seek succor and safety.

I hope that basement at CWU was bomb proof.

But just imagine. Universities are always proclaiming about how they are sending their graduates head held high out into the world-the leaders of tomorrow and all that jazz.

Our Leaders of Tomorrow are retreating to university campus safe spaces every time somebody with a different viewpoint comes to town. Maybe that is one reason why so many college grads today are still living with Mom and Dad because they can't find a job, They are products of a failed and corrupt education system.

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