Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beware the Bridge Builders

I never cease to be amazed at the ability of Islamic leaders in the US to engage in PR. Every time an Islamic massacre occurs, we soon hear about one of these "bridge-building", interfaith events designed to make us believe that what happened was some sort of anomaly. In Orange County, you can bet it will be duly reported by the Orange County Register, complete with all kinds of soapy, kumbaya rhetoric.

Thus, in the wake of Orlando (and Istanbul and Dhaka), today's OC Register has an article on two local events that occurred this week.

One wonders whether anyone at the Thursday event at the synagogue in Anaheim asked anyone from the Pacifica Center about those passages in the Koran that say such terrible things about Jews and Christians, calling them the most evil of creatures and the descendants of apes and pigs. I doubt it.

Or did anyone at Saturday's event celebrating gays at the Islamic Center of Orange County ask bridge builder Muzammil Siddiqi about that part of huhud sharia law which mandates the death penalty for homosexual acts? I can bet you that Siddiqi fully supports that provision though he will never admit it to you or I.

Of course, the Register article also neglects to mention how Siddiqi hosted the convicted terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman, the notorious blind Sheikh, at his mosque in the early 1990s and translated his sermon on violent jihad into English for the congregation. Nor does the Register mention Siddique's speech at the October 2000 Al Quds day event in front of the White House when he warned America not to incur God's wrath by continuing to support Israel.

The problem is that the Register seldom does its homework. They refuse to report unpleasant facts.

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