Friday, July 1, 2016

Bangladesh: Today's Target

Jihad has struck again. While the Western world prostrates itself in paying tribute to the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, the jihadists have struck in the capital of Bangladesh-in the diplomatic quarter of Dhaka.

Can we stop with this Obama administration rhetoric that this has nothing to do with religion? It is time we stop using the term, "radical Islam". This is not radical Islam. This is Islam to the letter. Thirty years ago, we were calling them "Islamic fundamentalists." That is a more accurate term because they are following the fundamentals of Islam. It is the terrorists who are practicing true Islam as mandated by the Prophet Mohammad.

Obama wants to bring at least 10,000 (Syrian) Muslims to the US, people we cannot fully vet. Hillary Clinton wants to increase that number to 65,000. It is insanity and a recipe for surrender.

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