Friday, July 1, 2016

Another American Murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist

Hat tip Daily Caller

Hallal Ariel

This week has brought us yet another victim of Palestinian terror. A 13-year-old girl of Israeli-American citizenship was stabbed to death while she slept in her own bed by a Palestinian terrorist.

The question must be asked: Why do we continue to support the Palestinian government of the West Bank? They actively incite their youth to do these evil deeds.

This was an American citizen!

I say not one more penny to the Palestinians. It is time to stand behind our ally, Israel against these animals.

It is time for know-nothing university students and their supporting professors to re-examine their support for the Palestinian killers. This is what Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Student Association, Jewish Voice for Peace, and other so-called "human rights activists" support.

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