Saturday, July 9, 2016

A New Legal Danger Faces Hillary Clinton: Perjury Before Congress

James Comey may have let Hillary Clinton off the hook over her email server this week, but there is one other problem that hangs over Clinton's head:

Did she commit perjury before Congress?

If she did, Comey was informed by Jason Chafetz (R-UT) that he will be getting a referral from Congress tout suite.

Update: According to The Hill, that referral is expected to be issued next week. In the meantime, committee members are reviewing Clinton's testimony.

So did Hillary commit perjury in her testimony before Congress? Trey Gowdy (R-SC) set out the groundwork in his questioning of Comey.

It appears that the FBI's own investigation-according to Comey's testimony- has shown that several answers Clinton gave to Congress were not true.

So now the FBI will have to investigate Clinton's testimony before Congress and compare it to the facts they have already uncovered. Looks like a promising case of perjury against Hillary, right?

Don't get too excited, Cub fans. If the DOJ and Comey can come up with a theory that lets Hillary off the hook on the emails, they can surely do the same over any perjury charges. I expect they will do just that-under direction from the corrupt DOJ and the corrupt White House.

But I say put them on the spot anyway. Let the American people see the double standard of justice one more time.


Squid said...

This was my point, mentioned earlier. In my opinion, perjury has a solid foundation in this lying before Congress segment of the Hillary email scandal. But this time, it has more traction because she was under oath! Not the feeble interview of Hillary by the FBI, not under oath. She lied before Congress and the proof is already in, from what Comey, so aptly laid out for Congress.

The FBI has no other choice but to recommend indictment from the Congressional Benghazi testimony. If Lynch does not what to indict, she will give the GOP and Trump, the Trump card, by showing how supremely corrupt the Obama DoJ has become. "Fool my once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you", will be the thought of Americans. Only the most corrupt politicians, Media and Democrats will want her to be the President, the G-d loving, patriotic Americans will put their checkmark next to the GOP candidate.

I hope that relieves at least some of your pessimism my favorite blogger.


Gary Fouse said...


I agree with your assessment. Comey is not corrupt, but he did not uphold the principle that all are equal under the law. Maybe Comey was trying to shift it off to the Congressional committee by stressing that Hillary did not tell the truth in a number of areas and leading them into referring a perjury charge. I say let this play out and the American people at some point ask themselves how many crimes can she get away with?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I hope Hillary is a one-term president, but this is getting really petty. Sort of like, when the Danish electorate voted down membership in the European Union, and the government said, that's not the answer we wanted, let's run it again.

Gary Fouse said...

Not exactly. The FBI said no charges on mishandling classified documents. Did that absolve her of perjury too?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I think at this point its just about throwing mud to see if anything will stick because by gosh the GOP wants to make something of this and just won't let go.

There are much more substantive and important reasons to criticize Hillary Clinton, albeit they won't actually frame a case for criminal charges.