Thursday, June 30, 2016

You Can't Put a Price Tag on Good PR

Hat tip The College Fix

That's what the University of California would tell you. That's why, in the wake of numerous instances of bad publicity in recent years, UC has shelled out $158,000 to a PR firm to, uh, put a positive light on things.

The spokeswoman for the UC Office of the President said the university system “routinely” shells out to put itself in a good light, and this campaign was funded out of an endowment account intended to “enhance the university’s fundraising efforts”:


“Negative tends to stick in the public’s mind much more than positive news,” she said. “Rather than let a blemish take over the whole state, so to speak, we felt it was necessary and good to get out a positive message.”


"Assisted by SKDKnickerbocker, the UC released its own rebuttal report in addition to the media buy."


"I want to stress that we do this routinely," she said, "This was not unique." 

$158,000 x ?

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