Tuesday, June 21, 2016

University of Pittsburgh is Changing the English Language

Hat tip Campus Reform

"Are youins going to the Stiller game with ze?"

"In an attempt to “foster an inclusive community at Pitt,” gender-inclusive pronouns for the third person singular tense are also given, along with example sentences, such as, “Ze loves coffee!” “I asked zim to meet me in the library,” “I read zir book in my composition class,” and “Ze taught zirself to play the guitar.”

I used to live in Pittsburgh (1987-1990). It is a place where the people are generally speaking, plain-spoken, common sense types, the kind you find in America's heartland.

Except, apparently, at the University of Pittsburgh, home of the Panthers. That's where political correctness is reaching new levels of absurdity. Like rearranging the English language for example.

No, it's not just calling a chairman a chairperson. They even have new words for he and she.

Read on.

"Parlez-ze, Francais?"

At least they could have adopted the Pittsburghese word for you in the 2nd person plural (Youins).

Can you imagine one of these gender studies students going off the Pitt campus and talking like that in the real world? How about at a job interview?

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"And so, like, I was talking to my teacher, and ze told me I was failing, and I was like, ze was wrong...." 

'That's all. Thank you for coming, Miss Jones."

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