Saturday, June 25, 2016

University of Arizona Now Offers Degree in Transgender Studies

Hat tip College Insurrection

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"Sounds cool, Dude. Tell me more."

This is long overdue, but it is about time a university recognizes an issue that affects all of us so deeply. The University is now offering a program-masters degree and all- in Transgender Studies.

When I was a young man, my elders used to tell me that if I majored in Russian, I could write my own ticket in life. Sadly, I didn't follow their advice. Today I am still working on my Swedish-an increasingly useless language unless you are trying to seduce some young, blonde Swedish bombshell who speaks English better than you do (Just kidding, Dear.)

But I digress.

Can you imagine applying for a job and putting Transgender Studies on your CV? What business wouldn't jump at the chance to hire you?

But this gets better.

“The three people who had been hired were all white, and we were really trying to prioritize hiring faculty of color,” Susan Stryker, the taxpayer-funded professor in charge of the transgender studies program, told Inside Higher Ed."

That should be no problem at all. There's always a Sherman-Williams store nearby.

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"I'm applying for a teaching position at the University of Arizona. Can you recommend a color for me?"

"How about blue? I bet they don't have any of those."

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Squid said...

A Masters degree in Trangender studies will get a graduate a job at Burger King. It would take twenty years to pay for the university fees.