Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UCI Suspends College Republicans Over Yiannopoulos Event

Hat tip Breitbart

I just heard this, and it is outrageous. UC Irvine has suspended the College Republicans for a year over their sponsorship of the recent appearance by gay pundit Milo Yiannopoulos.

Amazing. I have not heard about any suspension for the Students for Justice in Palestine after their May disruption of a pro-Israel film. Aside from SJP, there were other student groups involved as well including people who identified themselves as "legal observers" from the National Lawyers Guild (established in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist party USA) affiliated with the the UCI Law School. Has anybody been suspended over that? Has Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky even made a statement over that incident?

I was outside the  Yiannopoulos event and videotaped the protest. A lot of ugly things were said. One young man, presumably a student, was yelling out to the people waiting to get into the event, "Go back home to Orange County, white boy!"

This suspension also stands in stark contrast to the one quarter suspension handed down to the Muslim Student Union after they tried to shout down and disrupt a speech by the Israeli ambassador to the US in 2010. (The suspension was originally one year. It was reduced to one quarter by then vice chancellor Manual Gomez on his last day in office before he retired.)

To me this smacks of a hypocritical smack down of conservative speech. I will have more to say as this story develops. I am fully in support of the College Republicans at UCI.

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Squid said...

The big question here is how did the Conservative hating UCI Administration get ahold of Louise Lerner's playbook? The UCI Administration really played their hand this time to expose themselves as who they really are, far left Progressivs.
Like the DoJ, in their whitewash of the Orlando Islamist murderer who killed 49 partiers an wounding many others, the UCI Adminisration deflects the real threat to students, namely Jews on campus, by pointing to Republicans and blaming them for some trumped up charge.
Sadly, the administration brings down the school with their actions. The fine Medical school, Engineering school and hard science departments will suffer as Alumni hold back on donations, seeing how Marxist the Administration has become.