Saturday, June 25, 2016

So Who Was the Shooter in Viernheim, Germany?

Up to 25 injured after masked gunman storms movie theatre and barricades himself in before being shot dead as police raid complex with tear gas
Looks like these cops are taking a pee break during the long siege.

It seems the news reports on the man who stormed into a movie theater in Viernheim, Germany (near Mannheim) and took hostages before being shot by police have hit a wall for the past two days. So far, it has only been further revealed that the man was firing blank rounds from his "weapons" and that he was a 19-year-old German from Mannheim. No name has been released. Suicide by cop, perhaps?

Yet there are those eyewitness accounts that the suspect was speaking "broken German".

Here is an article from the Mannheimer Morgen regarding the man's identity:

"VIERNHEIM. 19 Jahre alt. Geboren in Mannheim, deutscher Pass. Wohnhaft in Norddeutschland."

19 years old. Born in Mannheim. German passport. Residence in northern Germany.

"Wie lange hat der Täter in Mannheim gelebt? Studierte der junge Mann, machte er eine Ausbildung, war er berufstätig? Und was hat den 19-Jährigen dazu gebracht, ausgerechnet in einem Kino nahe seiner Geburtsstadt Geiseln zu nehmen? Es gibt noch viele offene Fragen. Die Staatsanwaltschaft Darmstadt schweigt dazu, weil die Ermittlungen andauern."

How long did the perpetrator live in Mannheim? Did he study, have any education, was he working? And what exactly did he bring into a movie theatre close to his birthplace to take hostages? There are still many open questions. The prosecutor in Darmstadt is silent as the inquiry continues.

While we are waiting for answers, I think I'll take a pee. It looks like it might be a while.

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Miggie said...

Firing blanks!? I was going to guess one of the usual candidates from the ROP, but with this new information it couldn't have been one of them.