Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Simon Fraser Says......

Hat tip Campus Reform

'Is it Oktoberfest yet?'
Cultural appropriation in action

A professor at Simon Fraser University (in Canada) says we should check carefully before we buy any product that may be culturally appropriated from another cultural group.

Confused? You better read this

If you need further examples, check out the picture of me at the top of this posting. Here I am at home hoisting a German beer mug and wearing a goofy Bavarian hat. That ladies and gents is cultural appropriation, and I was guilty of not checking with German authorities prior to making my purchases. In addition, though you cannot make out the details, I am wearing a Guayabera shirt, popular in Latin America. To make matters worse, it was made in China!

Finally, if you look at the corner of the picture hanging on the wall behind me, it is a portrait of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which we purchased while living in Thailand.

Cultural appropriation all around and no prior permission was obtained.

I am guilty of a grave sin within academia: cultural appropriation. No doubt I will be scheduled for sensitivity training soon.

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